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Metric Rotabroach­­® Master Hole Cutting Kit

Item Number: BLR11201SO    Supplier: BLAIR EQUIPMENT CO INC


For precision holemaking in sheet metal and frame materials, Blair Rotabroach® Annular Cutters make clean, burr-free, round holes with no deforming of stock or damage to the surrounding material. Rotabroach Cutters are precision ground and made of M2 H.S.S. (high speed steel) with a patented tooth geometry that prevents chip clogging whether cutting steel plate, sheet metals, or plastics. Rotabroach Cutters make holes 3x faster and last 10x longer than twist drills or hole saws.


  • All popular metric sizes for cutting holes in sheet metal to install factory spoilers, Mugen spoilers, cargo nets, or any procedure that requires hole cutting
  • Spring loaded pilot eliminates the need for pre-drilling
  • Two step tooth geometry that splits chips and helps clear them
  • For material up to 1/4"  (6.4 mm) thick
  • For use on 3/8" chucks


Annular tools cut clean, burr-free round holes fast - unlike twist drills that push or hole saws that tear through material.


  • BLR112063     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 6 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112073     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 7 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112083     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 8 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112853     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 8.5 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112093     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 9 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112103     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 10 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112113     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 11 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112123     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 12 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112133     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 13 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112143     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 14 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112153     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 15 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112163     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 16 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112173     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 17 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112183     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 18 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112193     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 19 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR112203     (1) Rotabroach® Cutter, 20 mm (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR11122       (1) Arbor with Pilot
  • BLR11121       (2) Additional Pilot Pins (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR11299       (1) Center Punch
  • BLR11655       (1) Stop Washer (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR11656       (1) Washer (reorder qty. - 3/pack)
  • BLR11565       (1) Hex Key
  • BLR07435SO   Custom Plastic Storage Case


90 days from date of purchase against defects due to faulty material or workmanship

Product Specifications

  • Case Dimensions: 5"W x 8"L
  • Cutter Material: M2 H.S.S.
  • Hole Cutting Capacity: 6 mm - 20 mm
  • Max Material Thickness: 1/4" (6.4 mm) thick
  • Weight: 0.985 lbs.

  • Always wear eye protection during use.
  • Before use, read the Important Instructions (found inside the top lid of the plastic storage case) for additional service and safety tips.