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Honda Antares Capsule (HAC) Smart Vehicle Communication Interface


NOTE: Dealers will be auto-shipped one (1) HAC Smart VCI kit beginning March 2024.


Honda Antares Capsule (HAC) Smart Vehicle Communication Interface

Features and Benefits

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Provides a robust and reliable wireless connection with no cables to snag or trip over. Connect it to your shop’s wireless network or even your smartphone’s hotspot (data plan required).
      NOTE:  Wireless functionality requires one-time device registration. Non-dealer customers will need an active i-HDS subscription to register. 
  • Full support of HDS and i-HDS
    • With 100% HDS and i-HDS compatibility, the Honda Antares Capsule Smart VCI is the ideal upgrade or replacement for the DST-i. 
  • Full support of Honda ECU Reprogramming
    • Update all legacy and future Honda/Acura vehicle control modules compatibility (requires wired USB connection).
  • 5 second boot up timel
    • Get up and running faster than ever before - plug it in and go!
  • Smart VCI Functionality (coming Q3 2024!) 
    • With a future software update, the HAC Smart VCI will read and clear DTCs in seconds, sending data to the cloud for faster access and service information integration, maximizing diagnostic efficiency.  
  • Ultra-compact Size
    • Dimensions reduced to the absolute minimum for less equipment to carry to the vehicle and less protrusion from the OBDII port for improved ergonomics and a more comfortable technician work environment.
  • Rugged protective rubber boot 
    • Provides shock-resistance to the internal circuitry and includes an exclusive built-in cable retention strap to prevent the USB cable from becoming dislodged during use.  
  • Waterproof protective storage case
    • Prevents damage to the Honda Antares Capsule Smart VCI when stored in the harshness of the service bay environment, ensuring that the HAC is always ready for use.
  • Made in the USA
    • For exceptional material and build quality, stringent quality control, and maximum reliability.


    • Color matched rugged protective boot with USB cable retention
    • Custom 6' USB A to Mini B USB cable
    • Tethered warning and information tag
    • Waterproof storage case
    • Information card


    BSEHAC20  Honda Antares Capsule Replacement Custom Right Angle 6' USB A to Mini B USB Cable
    BSEHAC30 Honda Antares Capsule Replacement Protective Boot
    BSEHAC40  Honda Antares Capsule Cable Strap
    BSEHAC50  Honda Antares Capsule Replacement Lanyard with Warning Card
    BSEHAC60  Honda Antares Capsule Replacement Protective Storage Case
    BSEHAC70  Honda Antares Capsule, 3’ DLC Extension Cable


    One year