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Computerized Tachometer/Advance/Timing Light

Item Number: EETL500    Supplier: SNAP-ON TOOLS


This sophisticated unit uses computer technology to present three units in one--a built-in digital tachometer, an advance meter and a timing light. Slim handle design for easy control. Tactile-feel five-key control panel for zero reset, increment advance, decrease advance, timing light flash button and tach/advance selection. Easy-to-see LED array displays engine speed or timing degrees at the touch of a switch.


Two (2) years.

Product Specifications

  • Digital advance range: 0 - 180° (+/- 1° accuracy)
  • Operating power range: 10 - 16 volts DC
  • Tachometer range: 30 - 9,990 r.p.m. (+/- 2% accuracy)