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Tri-Code HS Edge Cut Kit

Item Number: ILCBK0439XXX    Supplier: KABA ILCO CORP


To convert the Tri-Code HS for cutting standard edge cut vehicle keys, simply install the clamp, cutter & tracer point, calibrate and cut.

Once the software (included) is installed, screen prompts simplify and guide users through the machine operation.


  • Decode and copy
  • Copy to original OEM specifications or copy by measured values
  • Cut by OEM code (indirect code)
  • Cut by inserting known depths (direct code)
  • Innovative jaw design for easy and precise key positioning
  • Taper correction; detection of the second side of the key and automatic correction in case of incorrect key positioning in the clamp
  • Key blank detection; compares the key blank measurement to the key card parameters. In case of blade width variation this feature will automatically adjust to a correct depth
  • Back Aligners (alignment inserts) eliminate the necessity of key alignment pins
  • Screen prompts simplify clamp position and back aligner (alignment inserts) selection
  • Fast key cutting cycle (less than one minute for both sides)
  • Carriage speed optimized (based on key material)
  • Electronic calibration of clamp (cutter does not require calibration)


  •  "D" Clamp
  • Three, two-sided "Black Aligners" (key alignment inserts)
  • H158 Cutter
  • Tracer Point U113 (replaces U111 for all keys)
  • Decoder U113DC (replaces U111DC for all keys)
  • Z3 Templates for calibration
  • *Silca Wintransfer Program (CD Rom)
  • Instructions


 Five (5) year fade and tarnish warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Order Number: BK0439XXXX