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Extech Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer
Model: PYR445703
Supplier Name: PYRO-MATIC INC
Price: $64.00



The Extech Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer displays simultaneous measurements of humidity and temperature using 1" digits on a large, dual LCD screen. This gauge helps maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions in a variety of locations, using accurate measurements and recording daily extremes.


  • Max/Min with reset function.
  • Large digits on display for quick and easy readings.
  • ºC/ºF switchable temperature measurements.
  • Low battery idicator.
  • Complete with built-in tilt stand, wall mounting bracket and 1.5V AAA battery.


One year. (A six month limited warranty applies to sensors and cables.)

Product Specification

Dimensions:3.9" W x 4.3" H x 0.78" D
Humidity accuracy:+/- 5% RH within 25% to 85% RH and 0º to 50ºC or 32º to 122ºF
Humidity range:10% to 99%
Temperature accuracy:+/- 1.0º C within -10º to 50ºC, +/- 1.8ºF within 14º to 122ºF
Temperature range:-10º to 60ºC, 14º to 140ºF
Weight:6 oz.

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