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Wheel Balancer (3 phase with Inside Data Set Arm)
Model: HUNDSP9602D
Superseded To:




DSP 9000 Series Wheel Balancers has added features for higher volume shops.


  • Digital Signal Processor provides unprecedented processing speed and precision, with imbalance resolution to 0.01 oz.
  • Exclusive Split Weight® Mode, Patch Balance® Procedure, Tire & Wheel Optimizing Procedure, Stop-at-Top Weight Placement, Programmable Setup.
  • "Smooth Torque," 1 hp AC Forced-Air-Cooled Motor.
  • Automatic Inside Dataset® Arm-- assists in automatically taking direct measurements of distance and internal wheel diameter for clip-on and tape weights.


Hunter has additional wheel balancers and accessories available. Call for more information about models and pricing.


Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.


Product Specification

ALU:7-1/2 - 41"
Average cycle time:5 seconds
Imbalance resolution:± 0.01 oz.
Maximum tire diameter:41"
Maximum tire weight:150 lbs.
Maximum tire width:20"
Programmable placement accuracy:512 positions (± 0.35°) or 356 (± 0.7°)
Rim diameter:10 - 24-1/2"
Rim width:1-1/2 - 20"
Shaft diameter:40 mm

Service Tips
  • Use original Honda wheel weights to maintain a quality appearance. Order through your normal parts ordering procedure.

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