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Wheel Balancer QuickNut Clamping System Dataset Arms
Model: HUNDSP962400

Call 1-888-424-6857



Hunter's DSP9600 series balancers are premium, high-capacity wheel balancers for shops that demand the ultimate in speed and accuracy.  Auto double dataset arms, quicknut clamping system.


  • Hunter's Digital Signal Processor provides unprecedented calculation speed and precision. DSP technology calculates an imbalance resolution to 0.01 oz., ensuring a more thorough balance and less comebacks.
  • The Automatic Double Dataset® Arms instantly measure distance and diameter for clip-on weights and distance, diameter and width for both weight planes when using tape weights.
  • Additional side storage adds over 2,300 cu. in. of space for weights and accessories.  


  • HUN192-131-2     Honda Passport Cone Kit (required per Honda Svc bulletin # 99-043)
  • HUN46-433-2       Performance wheel and light truck spacer    
  • HUN97-302-2       Stub shaft (for wheels without center holes)
  • HUN221-541-1     Stub shaft removal tool
  • HUN20-1112-1     Bolt-down kit


    Hunter has additional wheel balancers and accessories available. Call for more information about models and pricing.

    The integrated wheel lift is available only as a factory installed option; select the model with the option.


    Three years on circuit boards, PC's, options installed inside PC's, CRT, power supply and transducers. One year on all other parts and labor.

  • Product Specification

    ALU:191mm to 999mm (7.5-44")
    Automatic inner Dataset® range: 254mm to 711mm (10-28")
    Balancing speed:300 RPM
    Clamping system:QuickNut
    Imbalance resolution:1 gm or ┬▒ 0.05 oz.
    Maximum tire diameter: 999 mm (44")
    Maximum tire weight:79 kg (175 lbs.)
    Maximum tire width:508mm (20")
    Placement accuracy:512 positions (┬▒ .07 degrees)
    Rim diameter:254mm to 762mm (10-30")
    Rim width:38mm to 508mm (1.5-20")
    Shipping weight:622 lbs.

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