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QuickMatch® Wheel Balancer
Model: HUNGSP962201
Superseded To:




The Hunter GSP9600 QuickMatch® wheel balancer uses loaded roller contact to measure runout (eccentricity) of a tire and wheel assembly and helps your shop eliminate wheel-related vibration.


  • The fastest and most reliable method to measure runout
  • The QuickMatch® match-mounting feature on the GSP9600 tells the technician exsctly how to rotate the tire on the rim to help eliminate vibration
  • Measures lateral and radial rim runout without removing the tire from the rim and quickly indicates if runout is tire or wheel related
  • Runout can also be measured at the actual bead seat on a bare rim
  • Reduces wheel wieght costs 30% to 40%
  • Significantly reduces labor costs and service time
  • Simplifies balancer use
  • Eliminates shortcuts that affect quality
  • Automatically performs a better overall balance
  • The roller quickly measures the entire footprint of a tire and will detect if a tire and wheel assembly are out of round


  • BDC adhesive weight placement laser - helps guide operator to optimal location for corrent seight placement
  • Spindle-Lok® brake  - aids in minimizing floor-to-floor time
  • Automatic double Dataset® arms - speed wheel data direct measure input and placement of weights
  • SmartWeight® balancing technology - minimizes correction weight usage and maximizes productivity
  • Forged steel wing nut with handles and bearing kit



Three years on circuit boards, PC's, options installed inside PC's, CRT, power supply and transducers. One year on all other parts and labor.



Product Specification

ALU:191mm to 965mm (7.5-38")
Automatic inner Dataset® range: 254mm to 762mm (10-30")
Balancing speed:290-300 RPM
Clamping system:Wing Nut w/ Handles
Imbalance resolution:±0.05 oz or 1gm
Maximum tire diameter:1118mm (44")
Maximum tire weight:80kg (175 lbs.)
Maximum tire width:508mm (20")
Placement accuracy:512 positions (± .7 degrees)
Power requirements:230V (+10%/-15%), 3 amp usage, 50/60 Hz, Supplied with NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Rim diameter: 254mm to 762mm (10-30")
Rim width:38mm to 508mm (1.5-20")
Shipping weight:249kg (550 lbs.)

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