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ATF Cooler Cleaner
Price: $2,795.00



The ATF Cooler Cleaner, manufactured by G-TEC, Inc., is a portable, electrically-operated special tool that cleans the ATF cooler with high-pressure, heated ATF. This cleaning action melts down waxy varnish residue left by burnt ATF and purges metal particles, clutch material, and other contaminants.  Applicable for all vehicles with an in-radiator ATF cooler.

According to Service Bulletin (Honda 89-022, Acura 89-015) before installing an overhauled or remanufactured A/T, the ATF cooler must be thoroughly clean to prevent system contamination. Failure to do so could cause a repeat A/T failure


  • Uses quick-connect fittings and color-coded hoses for easy hookup.
  • Requires no special fluids: Uses about 9.5 gallons of Honda ATF-Z1, which gets filtered and recirculated.
  • Heats ATF to a temperature of 140° to 150°F and then pumps it through the ATF cooler at high pressure (100 psi) using a pulsating action and air purging. Switching the hoses cleans the ATF cooler in the reverse direction.
  • Uses two magnetic non bypass spin-on filters to trap purged contaminants.
  • Includes a convenient built-in tool tray.


  • GTHTTCFHA        Honda adaptor set  
  • GTHTTCFFMK     Flowmeter
  • GTHHCFMRV      Manual reverse valve
  • GTHTTCFHM       Vibration hourmeter
  • (2) Spin-on, non-bypass oil filter


  • GTHNBP2           Spin-on, non-bypass oil filter (6-pack)
  • GTHNBP12         Spin-on, non-bypass oil filter (12-pack)


One year

Service Tips
Follow these instructions to keep the ATF cooler cleaner working properly:
  • Replace the two magnetic non bypass spin-on filters once a year or when you notice a restriction in the ATF flow.
  • Fill the tank so the ATF is 4.5 inches from the top of the filler hole; do not overfill.

NOTE: If the fluid level is low, the red indicator above the HEAT toggle switch comes on and the tank heater does not work.

  • Replace the ATF in the tank when it looks dark or dirty

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