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Road Force Touch® Balancer Complete, Honda

Call 1-888-424-6857



Road Force Touch ® GSP9700 high volume LCD wheel balancer provides complete wheel diagnostics faster than a traditional balance and features a touchscreen interface to simplify operation. Includes AutoClamp, Wheel Lift, HammerHead® TDC Laser, Ink Jet Printer, and Side Storage Kit.


  • Enhance your service by balancing a wheel and performing a Road Force® test in the same amount of time as a typical balance.
  • Road Force® roller test a wheel as it would perform under the weight of a vehicle to uncover hidden ride quality issues.
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation.
  • ForceMatching® optimizes tire and rim match-mounting to cancel radial-force vibration.
  • StraightTrak® measures pull foces and recommends wheel placement to nulify vehicle drift. Now measures individual tire pulls!
  • SmartWeight® improves overall balancing results, while saving on costs and boosting productivity through more efficient weight application.
  • eCal™ auto-calibration provides true "self-calibration" without any input from the operator.
  • CenteringCheck® verfies proper wheel mounting.
  • TranzSaver™ compares tire circumferences to prevent costly damage to AWD transmissions from mismatched wheels.
  • View vehicle specific TPMS reset instructions on-screen.
  • On-demand videos assist training and improve overall service.
  • Laser-guided weight placement speeds service with a standard BDC laser and an optional HammerHead® TDC laser.
  • Auto-Up Hood saves time by automatically lifting the hood for the operator after spins.
  • Printer option provides informative documents to explain service.
  • Integrated wheel lift option available.
  • AutoClamp option available.


  • AutoClamp
  • Wheel Lift
  • HammerHead® TDC Laser
  • Ink Jet Printer and Side Storage Kit
  • BullsEye® 10-piece Collet Set with convenient storage 


Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

NOTE: Some dimensions, capacities, and specifications may vary depending on model, accessories, and tire and wheel configurations.

Product Specification

Balancing speed290-300 rpm
Maximum tire diameter40"
Maximum tire weight175 lbs.
Maximum tire width20"
Rim diameter10" to 30"

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