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Table of Contents Alignment, Wheel, and Brake Equipment Tire Changers

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Tire Changer (Auto34S)
Model: HUNTCA34S

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Price: $23,291.00



The Hunter Auto34S's exclusive features operate in harmony to easily and safely change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels. Its simple operation controls allow for unmatched capability and a short learning curve. The leverless operation eliminates technicians straining to pull over tough beads, damage of beads with thick levers, and rim damage from lever during demounting.


  • Push Button Controls – Simple, three-button control and easiest operation in its class.

  • Memory Function – Returns mount head to rim height. Saves time and mistakes.

  • Leverless Tool Head – Positions bead without levers and prevents damage to tire and rim.

  • Diameter Control – Operate all diameter functions from a single point and retains diameter until reset.

  • Quick Clamps with Cam Plate – Safely secures wheel through hub and speeds clamping process.

  • Mount/Demount Rollers – Gently rolls bead from rim. No rim contact.

  • Bead Press Arm – Helps mount difficult tires and holds sidewalls into drop-center position.

  • Wheel Support Plate – Handles wide range of wheels and provides extra gripping force. Three adjustable work heights. 

  • Wheel Lift – Standard feature. Space-saving design easily and safely lifts large assemblies. 


  • HUNRP6G10A80   RP6-G1000A80 Quick clamp center shaft with 90° lock
  • HUNRP6G10A67   RP6-G1000A67 Traction bar with extension and 28" bead depressor tail
  • HUNRP6713421    RP6-710013421 (2) wheel support plate guards for reverse wheels
  • HUNRP61157       Truck Cone
  • HUNRP6-3784      Mounting Paste, 3.5 kg
  • HUNRP6-1506      Applicator Brush
  • (2) Pin Protectors
  • Pin Extension
  • Air Chuck
  • Lubrication Oil
  • Glasses
  • Bead Starting Tool
  • (2) Toolhead
  • Mirror



Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

NOTE: Because of continuing technological advancements, specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.

Product Specification

Approximate shipping weight:816 lbs.
Dimensions:48"W x 72"H x 80"D
Electrical:208-230V, 15A, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph NEMA 20 Amp Plug, L6-20P
Max. tire diameter:50" / 52" / 54"
Max. wheel width:19"
Recommended air supply:115-175 p.s.i.
Rim diameter range:10"-30" / 12"-32" / 14"-34"

Service Tips
  • To avoid damaging the TPMS sensor, always position the tire/wheel correctly according to the tire changer manufacture instructions. For the Hunter TC34,¬†refer to the¬†illustration shown above in order to position the tire/wheel.

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