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What's New


Name: ManTooth™ Wireless A/C Pressure/Temperature Gauge Automotive Kit for R-134a
Model #: CCI67045
Price: $537.00

Name: CP8849 Cordless 1/2" Impact Wrench Kit with (2) 4Ah Battery Packs
Model #: CPN894108491
Price: $471.00

Name: Tamper-Resistant TORX® Plus Socket Set (11 Piece)
Model #: OTC5905
Price: $25.00

Name: Standard PosiTector 200 B Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gage
Model #: DFL200B1E
Price: $1,895.00

Name: R-134a and R-1234yf Yellow Jacket® Contaminated Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Model #: CCI37825
Price: $1,327.00

Name: Build-A-Bay™ Parts Storage Solutions
Price: 1-866-346-8858

Name: Digital Torque Checker, 5 - 100 ft.-lbs.
Model #: 1003-F-DTCH
Price: $578.00

Name: 2-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands, Set of 2
Model #: OTC1582A
Price: $82.00

Name: TC39 Center Clamp Tire Changer with Side Shovel, Wheel Lift
Model #: HUNTC39SSW
Price: $18,164.00

Name: Panasonic CF54 Lite Toughbook - Windows 10 Pro
Model #: CF54G2999VM
Price: $1,517.00

Name: Revolution Walk Away Tire Changer
Model #: HUNTCR1X
Price: $34,824.00

Name: Oil Deflector - Red
Model #: VSB02C000049
Price: $14.00

Name: 10,000 lb. Surface Mount Scissor Lift, Inflation Station
Model #: HUNRX10KIS
Price: $30,719.00

Name: 14K Locked & Lighted Short Bay Alignment Lift Surface Mount
Model #: EELR589A
Price: $29,103.00

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