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Welcome to the Honda Tool and Equipment Program

American Honda's partnership with Snap-on Equipment Solutions (EQS) provides a powerful tool and equipment resource to customers. This program offers an on-line source for high quality tools and service equipment specifically selected for its ability to meet the service requirements of your Honda vehicles.

One of the goals of the Honda Tool and Equipment Program is to constantly evaluate new and existing service equipment in order to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality, durable and well proven tools and equipment. Both the automotive industry and the tool and equipment industry are in constant change. We work on your behalf, to deliver the best product offering to meet your changing service requirements. When new equipment is added to the program, it will be displayed in the “What’s New” section.

Additionally, we work very closely with our supplier partners to bring added value to your equipment investments. Examples of the added value you receive when using this program is found in several areas:
  • Quality is a key value in our program; we always evaluate our products for their quality and deliver you the best available.
  • Warranties offered on many of our products have been extended at no added cost, delivering you added value.
  • Many of the products in the catalog have had their contents customized to meet the unique service needs of a Honda dealership. This is a value that can sometimes only be implemented through a national program.
  • The price you pay is a strong consideration in your decision to purchase. We hear you, and with the purchasing power that EQS brings to this partnership, we deliver to you the best pricing possible.

We stand behind the products we sell and we can assist you both prior to purchasing a product and afterwards. Please contact us through the Contact Us. More details are found by clicking on the Program Info tab.

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